Something like living

Hi you all!

Dou you know that feeling? It’s something like being locked in a room, feeling your mouth can’t be opened and all your feelings are standing for a big port with a big lock, without a key. The key is anywhere, but you don’t know where to search and it can be everywhere.You cannot let your tears run down your cheeks because you have to act kind and happy to everybody, but when you were alone you would cry till you didn’t have anymore tears.
I think we don’t have a name for that. It’s just something like a little autumn/winter dip, but that might sound strange because I almost always love the autumn and winter. There’s just one thing; when things don’t happen like you want, you can be kind of sad and unhappy; just for no big reason, just because nothing contributes. Maybe it’s nothing to worry about, but I notice that there are some days that I’m just hanging on the couch and thinking why I should be happy…

I think everybody recognizes something like this, and when you don’t, you’re just a really happy person! : )

Maybe I shouldn’t whine so much, maybe it’s a little problem without a solution… I don’t know!
If anybody knows the answer? You can comment, but you can also send me some chocolate. I think that will make me feel better!
Chocolate and a hot cup of tea… Yes, I directly feel better now! The shop is still opened, I’m on my way…




Hi there!

I love autumn so much… Cozy days with tea and your favourite magazine, running through the coloured leaves, dancing in the rain (just because you can)…
Everything is just so lovely! I appreciate most of the things in autumn; although I hate it when I have to ride the bycicle through the rain for 1/2 hour. And I hate it even more when I wear rainwear that’s not waterproof so my clothes become wet, while that was just what I wanted to avoid!
But most of the time I love the autumn and I always smile when I see the red leaves, hanging in the trees and I mostly picture them, as a little boost for when I feel sad… 🙂

Everyday when I ride the bycicle I wear my mittens. In the morning it’s just so cold, that you can see little “breath clouds” when people exhale. That’s just cute, I think. It shows that the cold days will not dissapear and snow will maybe come in a few weeks! I’m hoping for that; maybe we’ll have a white Christmas, that would be so lovely…

Have a nice weekend!


To start a blog

Hello there!

Starting a blog is something really scary. Maybe nobody will read it, and it’s possible that you will write everyday to people- while they are not reading your boring blogposts. But it’s also possible that your blog will grow up; from a little beginning to a big project. 🙂

I think I have to start with this and don’t have to worry about my maybe-followers. It’s like; at first it was the idea to do it for my own; but why not online? Maybe there are some people who will like it; you never know.

So I’m starting and I hope this will be like a wall full of nice stories and great photo’s. And above all; I hope you’ll enjoy it!